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Welcome to our thrilling Lego Gear Workshop, where young engineers embark on an exciting adventure into the fascinating world of gears! Through the magic of Legos, children will discover the power and versatility of gears while enjoying hands-on building experiences.

In this engaging learning lesson, kids will explore how gears work, understand gear ratios, and discover the incredible role gears play in various mechanical sys-tems. As they assemble and manipulate Lego gears, children will learn about speed, torque, and how different gear combinations can create different out-comes.

Our experienced instructors will guide them through interactive activities and challenges, fostering their problem-solving skills and igniting their curiosity. By the end of the workshop, your child will have gained a solid foundation in gear mechanics, empow-ering them to tackle future engineering endeavors with confidence and enthusiasm.

Join us and let your child embark on an unforgettable journey of learning and creativity with Lego gears!

Created July 18, 2023