Descendants of John I

John I, King of England

This section of the web site is different from most of the others. There are three lines of descent from John I of interest to this web site. This section lists the names in each line, until one of the descendants appears in another section of the web site. The name is linked to that person, and then the list terminates.

John I, King of England, 1166-1216
Henry III, King of England, 1207-1272 Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall, 1209-1272
Edward I, King of England, 1239-1307, Walter de Cornwall
Margaret de Cornwall, 1280-1349
Hugh Peverell, a knight, 1300-1372
Thomas Peverell, a knight
Katherine Peverell, 1394-1426
Elizabeth Hungerford Joan Hungerford
William Courtenay, a knight, 1428-1485 Thomas Mervyn, 1453-1504
Edward Courtenay, a knight, 1453-1509 Christian Ann Hemming Mervyn, 1477-1523
Edward Courtenay III Robert Marvin Fisher
Katherine Courtenay, 1539- Captain William Fisher, 1527-1591
George Kekewich, 1556-1611 Anthony Fisher, 1558-1640
William Kekewich, 1595-1634 Martha Fisher, 1596-1659
Loveday Kekewich, 1616-1660 Reverand William Buckingham, 1635-1662
Thomas Jane, 1640- John Buckingham, 1670-1754
Mary Buckingham, 1714-1753
Mary Kirk, 1751-1837
Enoch Wickersham, 1790-1840

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Created January 20, 2024