Linda Joanne Hansford


Father: Robert Harold Hansford (August 16, 1926-October 10, 1981)

Mother: Helen Hazel Carson (April 10, 1928-August 7, 1996)

Born October 11, 1962.

Linda worked for Canada Safeway floral section, and later opened her own flower shop. She is now General Merchandise Supervisor at University of Manitoba.

Spouse: James Wesley Collette

Married October 5, 1985.

James was employed by the City of Winnipeg in the waterworks department.


  1. Paige Collette (b. September 20, 1987).
  2. (unidentified)

She was divorced from James in 1998.

Spouse2: Thomas Wayne Rock (April 16, 1950-)

Married August 13, 2005, at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Thom worked as a mechanical designer.


  1. Ethan Thomas Rock August 7, 2000-).

Thomas had the following son from a previous marriage:

  1. Kim Vernon Rock (b. October 23, 1977 at Seattle, Washington).


Linda is general manager of the Bonvital Soccer Club in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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