Joseph Jane

Father: Thomas Jane

Mother: unknown

Born 1605.

Joseph Jane was in the profession of the law. He was mayor in 1631. He was member of parliament from Liskeard in 1625 and 1640, but was displaced in 1643 for his adherence to the royal cause. Charles I lodged at his house for seven nights when in the county in August 1644, he being one of the Kings commissioners. He suffered greatly for his attachment to the King, being obliged to pay large sums of money to prevent the confiscation of his estates.

Spouse: Loveday Kekewich

Married August 15, 1633, at St. Germans.


  1. F Alice Jane (1634-)
  2. M Joseph Jane.
  3. M Thomas Jane.
  4. M William Jane (1645-1706-7).

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