Randall Jeffrey Lyness

Father: Harry Clark Lyness 1921-1995)

Mother: Vivian Joan Lange (1925-2005)

Born October 2, 1951.

Spouse: Linda Marie Konopasek

Married August 19, 1972, at Griffith, Indiana.


  1. Jeffrey Randall Lyness (May 10, 1973-)
  2. Gregory Alan Lyness (February 22, 1976-)
  3. Peter Jacob Lyness (May 17, 1978-)

Randy graduated with a Business Degree from Indiana State University.  After graduating, he returned to Southeastern Indiana to work in his father’s construction business and later went on to build his own small business.  Now a successful small business owner, Randy is not only known for his quality work and helpful client relationships, but he is also viewed as a community helping hand.

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