Sharon Barker

On left, Krystine holding Sean; on right, Sharon; seated: Marian (Krystine's mother)

Father: Steven (-1982)

Mother: Krystine Rostad (1949-)

Born December 13, 1975.

Spouse: Michael Olivera

Married 1995.


  1. M Sean Tyler Olivera (1995-)
  2. F Megan Victoria Olivera (1997-)
  3. M Mason Barker (2000-)

Father of Alexandra: Shane Halverson


  1. F Alexandra ("Allie") Barker (2004-)

Spouse2: Patrick Sandoval

Married 2006.

Father of Avril and Scarlett: Guy Gilbert


  1. F Avril Elise Gilbert (2011-) (twin)
  2. F Scarlett Sky Gilbert (2011-) (twin)

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