Jee Anne Skavdahl

Father: David Floyd Skavdahl (1944-)

Mother: Cheryl Thompson (1949-)

Born 5 January 1980, in Korea.

Jee attended California Girls State in 1997.

Jee attended UCLA, where she worked as an office supervisor at a residential hall and as a program assistant for the office of residential life. Jee moved to Washington D.C. in September 2003 to pursue new opportunities on the east coast, and relocated to Houston to commit her full attention to the Saturn V project. She is currently employed by Meow Wolf.

Spouse: Jerry Vahn Knight

Married January 2005.

Jee changed her name to Jee Vahn Knight.


  1. Inara Roselynn Vahn Knight (2012-)
  2. Imelda Vahn Knight (2015-)
  3. Axel Deaglenn Vahn Knight (2016-)

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