Elizabeth Adamson

Father: Robert Adamson (1806-1840)

Mother: Eliza Shepherd (b. August 4, 1808, in Ohio; December 9, 1886, at Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas)

Born July 21, 1832, in Adams County, Ohio.

Died December 1, 1914, at Stark, Neosho County, Kansas, of an abdominal tumor.

Buried in Silent Land Cemetery in Ford County, Kansas.

Spouse: John Bowyer (1830-1904)

Married March 25, 1856, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

After the marriage, John and Elizabeth lived in Tippecanoe County until their first son was born. Then the family moved to Louisa County, Iowa, where they lived near Cairo for several years, and four more sons were born. About 1870, they moved to Crawford County, Kansas, where they stayed until the late 1890s. At that time, they and some of their adult children moved to Ford County, Kansas, near Wright. After John's death, she lived with a son, Riley, and his family, near Stark, Kansas, until her death. She is buried in Silent Land Cemetery, near Spearville, in Ford County, Kansas.


  1. M William Riley Bowyer (1857-1939)
  2. M James Warren Bowyer (1859-1936)
  3. M Charles Franklin Bowyer (1861-1917)
  4. M Robert Pembrook Bowyer (1863-1943)
  5. F Laura Ady Shepard (1865-1897) (foster child)
  6. M George Lay Bowyer (1869-1916)

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