Charles Bostwick II

Father: Charles Bostwick (1790-1878)

Mother: Mary Delerga

Born ca. 1815, in Erie County, New York

Died April 29, 1867, at Ironton, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Spouse: Susan Emily (1832-1914)


  1. Isa Emma Bostwick (1853-1931)
  2. Nelson J. Bostwick (1864-1941)
  3. Charles Bostwick III

Charles was a farmer. He was around Waterton, New York, when he enlisted in the Indian War, and was wounded in the Bay of Biscayne in Florida in 1839. He went back north, where he married Susan July 3, 1848, in Oswego, Jefferson County, New York. The couple had a daughter while living in northwestern New York, then moved to a French settlement in Ironton, Sauk county, Wisconsin. After his death, Emily married William Sands, a widower with sons from a previous marriage. Susan is buried at Harrison, Nebraska.

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