William Bowyer

Father: (unknown)

Mother: (unknown)

Born ca. May, 1803, in Maryland.

Died 26 February 1841, in Jackson Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana

We believe William was born in Maryland, based on his daughter's wedding license. He worked as a farmer in Adams County, Ohio. In the records for Liberty Township in this county, he is shown as owning the following property in the years indicated:

              1826   one horse
              1827   one horse
              1828   two horses, two cattle
              1829   one horse, one cow
              1832   one horse, one cow

In the 1830 census, his household is listed as the following:
              head 20-30, f 60-70, f 20-30, f 0-5, m 0-5

In 1838, he is listed as a purchaser of part of the property of John Roush, deceased. The marriage record for William and Delila is recorded in Adams County with two different spellings of the surname. In the index for the marriage, it is spelled Bowyer; the other spelling is Bower.

Some time between 1838 and 1841, the family moved from Ohio to the Lafayette, Indiana area. After Delila's death in 1841, William's death in 1843 left their six minor children as orphans. At that point, the probate court appointed as guardian, John W. Shepherd, who probably came to Indiana from Ohio at the same time as the Bowyer family. Later, the husband of the oldest daughter, Gideon Lay Davisson, was appointed guardian.

Spouse: Delila Curry (1804-1841)

Married 29 March 1827, in Adams County, Ohio.


  1. F Mary Ann Bowyer (1828-1902)
  2. M John Bowyer (1830-1904)
  3. F Nancy Bowyer (1832-)
  4. F Sarah Elizabeth Bowyer (1834-)
  5. F Maria Jane Bowyer (1836-)
  6. M James M. Bowyer (1841-)

Nancy Bowyer married Mr. Turvey.

Sarah Elizabeth Bowyer married Mr. Bell.

Maria Jane Bowyer married William S. Adamson.

We have good records of the Adamson family, but all contact with the Davisson, Turvey, and Bell families has been lost, as well as descendants of James.

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