Mabel Elizabeth Bowyer

Standing, l-r: James Merritt Camp and Albert Rush Camp

Sitting, l-r: Francis Albert Camp and Dexter Merritt Camp

Father: Robert Pembrook Bowyer (1863-1943)

Mother: Mary Josephine Lyness (1871-1921)

Born November 26, 1891, at Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas
Died March 3, 1976, at St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri.

Spouse: Albert Rush Camp (1885-1959)

Married April 28, 1909, at Wright, Ford County, Kansas


  1. M Francis Albert Camp (1915-1944)
  2. M Howard James Camp (1917-1993)
  3. M Donald Fred Camp (1922-1986)
  4. F Norma Louise Camp (1930-2002)

Frances Albert Camp was a hero of the guerilla effort against the Japanese in the Philippine Islands during the occupation from 1941 to his death in 1944. He was married in the Phillipines, but we don't have the name of his wife.


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