Richard John Bowyer

Dick and Del

Father: John Riley Bowyer (1905-1988)

Mother: Harriet Emma Lewis (1912-1992)

Born August 8, 1932, at Saginaw, Saginaw County, Michigan.

Richard had an unsettled childhood.  His parents divorced when he was two years old, and he and his mother lived for a while with her parents in Rose City, Michigan.  His grandmother died in 1939 and his grandfather in 1940.  At that point, Richard’s mother formed a relationship with Joe Roush.  The three of them then moved many times over the next several years, including to Montana, Washington, and Oregon, and then to Indiana.  When Dick was 15, his mother married again.  He enlisted in the Army in 1952, and was assigned to Ft. Devens, Massachusetts, as a clerk typist.  In his off hours, he worked at the base PX, where he met his future wife.

In 1955, Richard was discharged, and began a life-long occupation on the Buick and Chevrolet assembly lines.  After retiring, he and Del moved to Florida.

Spouse: Delphine Marie Landry (1935-)

Married May 28, 1955, at Shirley, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.


  1. F Donnalee Mary Bowyer (1955-)
  2. F Sandra Marie Bowyer (1957-)
  3. M Daniel John Bowyer (1961-)
  4. M Patrick David Bowyer (1966-)
  5. F Julie Ann Bowyer (1968-)

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