Michael Brian Harward

Michael and Laura Beth

Father: James Scott Harward (1957-)

Mother: Ellen Sue Bowyer (1960-)

Born 1988, at Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia.

Michael is an Eagle Scout.

Michael is a graduate of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, and holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Spouse: Laura Elizabeth Burger (1989-)

Married September 5, 2010, in Greensboro, North Carolina

Laura is an Occupational Therapist.

Michael is Vice President of Finance at SCA Health.

They have lived in Birmingham, Alabama, Arlington Heights, Illinois, and Stamford, Connecticut.  They now live in Johns Creek, Georgia.


  1. Kate Elizabeth Harward (2015-).
  2. Adelaide Grace Harward (2017-)
  3. Andrew Michael Harward (2020)

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