Bertha May Clarke

Father: John Clarke (1863-1939)

Mother: Alice Sarah Jane (1869-1943)

Born May 27, 1895, in Butte, Montana.

Died November 17, 1963, in Cornwall, England.

Bertha was a big help to her mother. She was capable of doing any of the indoor work, such as cooking, washing, and making butter. She was especially good at dressing the chickens for the butcher. She also helped with the outside work, such as milking, feeding the livestock, and helping in the grain and hay fields. I think she liked the farm and would have liked to have one of her own. Bertha would have liked to live away from home and be independent, but she was needed at home to do the work and take care of the younger children. She went with several young men, and married William John ("Jack") Trebilcock (b. March 9) on May 30, 1920, at Treberbyn Church, Cornwall. He had been away in the army for four years. As soon as they were married, they went to live in one the homes of her father, John Clarke, and lived there the rest of their lives. Jack worked in the china clay pits all his life except when he was in the service. He always had a real good vegetable garden.


  1. M Thomas John Trebilcock (September 2, 1920-1986)
  2. M Percy Trebilcock (April 24, 1922-February 21, 1922)
  3. F Ivy May Trebilcock (December 3, 1928-)

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