Josiah William Hambly

Florence and Josiah

Florence with Charles, Arthur (on lap), and Stanley

Father: Sampson Hambly (-1916)

Mother: Eliza Jane Trebilcock

Born 20 March 1889, at Stenalees, St. Austell, Cornwall.

Josiah enjoyed cycling and wrestling. He worked as a clay laborer and married Florence, from Truro, after meeting on a day trip to Porthpean Beach. Josiah was gassed during World War I and came home an invalid. He never had full time employment after that.

Spouse: Florence Tremaine

Married 15 October 1910.


  1. M William Charles Hambly (1910-)/li>
  2. M Stanley Hambly (1912-)
  3. M Arthur Hambly (1914-1984)
  4. F Marion Nellie Hambly (1916-)
  5. M Edmund Harry Hambly (1918-)
  6. M Louis Oscar Hambly (1920-1941)
  7. F Doreen Hilda Hambly (1923-)
  8. M Cecil Norman Hambly (1924-1994)
  9. M Morris Hambly (1925-1927)
  10. M Reginald Hambly
  11. F Gladys Emily Hambly (1927-)
  12. F Henrietta Hambly (stillborn)

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