John Hansford

Born ca. 1806, at Holne, Devon, England.

Father: (unknown)

Mother: (unknown)

John Hansford and his wife, Alice (b. ca. 1806 in Holne), were living in Michelcoombe, Holne, in 1841, 1851, and 1861, with varying numbers of the children listed below.


  1. Emila Hansford (b. ca. 1831, in Devon)
  2. John Hansford (b. ca. 1836, in Devon).
  3. James Hansford (b. ca. 1837, in Devon).
  4. Thomas Hansford (b. February 28, 1839, at Newton Abbot, Devon).
  5. Mary Ann Hansford (b. ca. 1841, in Devon).
  6. Elizabeth Hansford (b. ca. 1848, in Devon).

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