Donald Earl Hansford

Don and Angelia

Father: Ralph Sponagle Hansford (1901-1968)

Mother: Gertrude Alice Smith (1902-October 29, 1940)

Born January 20, 1931, in Windsor, Ontario.

Died June 26, 2022,in Windsor, Ontario

Donald graduated from the University of Western Ontario in London, and Emmanuel College in Toronto. He was ordained a minister of the United Church of Canada in June, 1957.

Don served three small rural churches in Saskatchewan until July, 1959, when he became the minister of three small rural churches near Woodstock, Ontario. In July, 1962, Don became the minister of Birch Cliff United Church in Toronto. In November, 1973, Don became the minister of Westminster United Church in Windsor. In February, 1978, he was assigned to Lambeth United Church., and in 1986 he returned to London. He retired in London in 1995.

Spouse: Frances Dillman (d. December, 1976)

Married August 17, 1957, at Toronto, Ontario.


  1. Kathryn Ruth ("Kathy") Hansford (1959-2014).
  2. John David Hansford (1962-).
  3. Patricia Elizabeth ("Beth") Hansford (1964-).

Spouse2: Mrs. June Florence Baker

Married March 10, 1979, at London, Ontario. She had children from a previous marriage.

Spouse3: Angelia Murgaski (-2023)

Married September 26, 2014, at Windsor, Ontario.

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