Silas Jane

Father: Thomas Jane (1829-1873)

Mother: Sarah Coad (1830-1869)

Born November 27, 1866, at Lanhydrock, Cornwall.

Spouse: Polly Keat

Silas was a farmer all his life, first working on farms. We believe he had three of his own farms, or perhaps he rented the first two. His second was Tregarden Farm, near Nuxulyan. He married Polly Keat, who was a widow with a young son William John. When William John was a young man, and they were all living at Tregarden Farm, Silas and William John decided to buy a very good 200-acre farm at Lower Helland, about three miles from Bodmin, Cornwall. Not long after they moved there, William John met Mable Ellery, who lived in the village, and they were soon married. She must have been under 20 and he was about 35. After they were married, the big farm house and the farm was divided between Silas and William John. Silas was a very good farmer. Silas and Aunt Polly lived to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary.


  1. F Muriel Jane (-November 11, 1995)

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