Thomas Jane (the fourth)

Father: Robert Jane (1794-)

Mother: Jenefer Coad (1809-)

Thomas was a farmer who lived on Blackheath Farm, which is about 1.5 miles from Sweets House, 2 miles from Lanlivery, and 3 miles from Bodwin.

Spouse: Sarah Coad (1830-1869)

Married June 28, 1855.

Thomas and Sarah had eight children. All except John lived to an old age

Sarah died when the twins (Alice and Frederick) were about four weeks old, and Thomas died when they were three years old. It was decided to place the three girls (Eva, Louise, and Alice Sarah) and the twin brother Fred in George Muller Orphanage Home in Bristol. The rest of the boys were probably kept by relatives and friends.


  1. M William Henry Jane (1856-)
  2. M John Coad Jane (1858-)
  3. F Evaline Jane (1860-)
  4. M Thomas Charles Jane (1863-)
  5. Louisa Jane (1864-)
  6. Silas Jane (1866-)
  7. Alice Sarah Jane (1869-1943)
  8. Frederick Jane (1869-)

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