James Lynas

Father: William Lynas (September 28, 1734-January 22, 1793)

Born April 14, 1782, at Upleatham, Yorkshire.

About 1823, James, with his wife and seven children, left Upleatham for America. The wife died en route and was buried at sea. The family went from New York to Wheeling, West Virginia, constructed a flatboat, and, via the Ohio River, arrived at Lawrenceburg; thence to their home on Tanner's Creek, arranged by James' brother Joseph. About 1838, daughters Mary and Hannah, and sons William and James, moved to Henry County, Indiana. Later Mary married William Saunders and Hannah married his brother Needam Saunders. Another son, George, married Lucinda White and lived near Dover, Indiana. Eight children were born. Later they moved to New Castle, Indiana, then to Iowa; later to Columbus, Ohio, where George Lynas and Sons were prominent in the mercantile business.

In the historical section of a Cincinnati library is a book of poetry by Reverend Judge A. J. Cotton with one poem relating the only double wedding which he performed during his career; that of Joseph White to Jane Lynas and of George Lynas to Lucinda White. (Lyness, Willard, "Lyness Family Record," 1964, Lincoln, Nebraska.)


  1. Mary Lynas
  2. Hannah Lynas
  3. William Lynas
  4. James Lynes

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