Mildred Louise Lyness

Father: Albert Lewis Lyness (1890-1946)

Mother: Ina Laura Babcock (February 8, 1890-January 8, 1978)

Born July 25, 1924, at Indianola, Iowa.

Died January 12, 2023, in Panama City, Panama

Spouse: Walter K. Reitz (January 13, 1922-January 11, 1993)

Albert and Millie were missionaries at a church school in Balboa, Republic of Panama, and were there the rest of their working lives, including continuing after they retired in 1988. Millie was General Director of the Methodist Panamerican Institute. Later, she became pastor of a church in Balboa.


  1. M Paul Douglas Reitz (December 22, 1950-)
  2. M Philip Lyness Reitz (June 29, 1952-)
  3. M Peter Newell Reitz (April 21, 1955-)
  4. M Perry Samuel Reitz (December 7, 1958-)

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