John Rose

Father: Robert Rose (1592-1665)

Mother: Margery (1594-1644)

Born ca. 1619, at Ipswich, Suffolk

Died between 18 April and 10 May, 1683, in Branford, New Haven County, Connecticut.

Spouse: (unknown)

Spouse2: Ellen Moulthrop (1662-1663)

Spouse3: Phebe Bracey

After his father left Wethersfield in 1644, John remained behind for several years and was a fence tax recorder there in 1647. About that time, he moved to New Haven, CT, where he became a deacon of the church and was chosen constable of the Iron Works, which was an iron furnace on the river which produced iron from the bog ore from North Haven. The supply of bog ore ran out around 1680 and the iron works were closed down.

At one time he was attending a church service, when a young man in the neighborhood went to his house where his children were at home alone and climbed in the window to spend time with John's oldest daughter, Mary, alone. Apparently the younger siblings told and the young man was tried in court for theft, breaking and entering, and breaking the Sabbath.

There are many land deeds with records of John buying and selling land. At the time of his death, he deeded several acres of land to each of his children, and 40 pounds to his wife.

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