Robert Rose (the younger)

Father: Robert Rose (1592-1665)

Mother: Margery (1594-1644)

Born ca. 1620, at Ipswich, Suffolk

Died between November 1679 and 9 March 1681/82, at Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Robert came to America as a child, and moved with his father to New Haven, CT, from Wethersfield in about 1644.

After 1655, he moved to Stratford, CT, where he lived until the time of his death.

He served in the Pequot War, which started after a party of Pequot Indians, in the spring of 1636, came into Wethersfield and killed 9 men and captured 2 girls. An offensive was ordered in May, 1637 and about 80 whites and some friendly Indians went into the Pequot camps and killed six or seven hundred Pequots.

In 1668, for service in the war, Robert received a grant of 50 acres in Woodbury, which he granted to his son-in-law Moses Johnson. Robert Rose had seven daughters, leaving no male heirs in this family.

Spouse: Rebecca

Very little is known about Rebecca except for a time when she testified in court in New Haven: (She,.. testified vpon oath that she heard... how sweare by God, and as she is a Christian, and by her faith, and by her soule, and that she sawe her turne ouer a new leafe of the bible, and said it was not workth reading, and one time her mother called her and she said, a pockes of ye devill what ayle's this madd woman).

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