Archie Harper Rose

Father: Arthur Theodore Rose (1877-1961)

Mother: Mary Agnes Harper (1885-1953)

Archie Harper Rose (ARTHUR THEODORE9, TIMOTHY HARRIS8, MILO CLAUD7, HIRAM6, JUSTICE5, JONATHAN4, DANIEL3, ROBERT2, ROBERT1) was born 21 Aug 1908 in Willowbar Twp, Cimarrron, OK, and died 17 Apr 1991 in Grand Coulee, WA

Marriage: Mary Francis Gardiner

Married 4 Aug 1936 in Hutchinson, Reno, KS

Mary was the daughter of HARRRY GARDINER and MINNIE AZBILL. She was born 06 Aug 1914 in Cherokee, OK, and died 22 Jun 1989 in Grand Coulee, WA.

Archie grew up on the farm in Cimarron County, OK. After he finished 8th grade, he left home to attend high school in Goodwell, Texas, OK. After finishing high school there, he went on to attend college at Bresee Peniel College in Hutchinson, Kansas, receiving a degree in ministry. He pastored mostly in Kansas and Minnesota, then retired from the ministry .

He spent several years pursuing his second great love: construction and carpentry. He build "A" Frame retirement homes in McCall, Idaho, then moved to Grand Coulee, Washington, where he did cabinet work for several years before retiring.

He and Mary are both buried in the Spring Canyon Cemetery in Grand Coulee, Washington.

Cause of Death: Died in a house fire

Mary Francis Gardiner grew up in OK and KS. She was part Indian, from the Azbill side of the family. She attended college at Bresee Peniel College, where she met and married Archie Rose. She died in Grand Coulee, Washington and is buried in the Spring Canyon Cemetery in Grand Coulee.


  1. Florence Agnes Rose b. 06 Aug 1937, Hutchinson, Reno, KS.
  2. Harold Richard Rose b. 22 Aug 1942, Anthony, Harper, KS.
  3. Janice Irene Rose, b. 10 Oct 1946, Ogden, Weber, UT.

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