Joseph Clarke

Father: John Clark

Mother: Elizabeth Tregoning (June 9, 1811-)

Born April 21, 1847, at St. Austell, Cornwall, England.

Died October 4, 1894, at Burnley, Lancashire

Joseph worked as a tin miner, and then became a quarry worker.

Joseph died as the result of a quarry accident. He was engaged in filling a tub with some shale. Above him there were six feet of shale, some of which suddenly broke off and fell upon him. He died after four days in the hospital.

Spouse: Sarah Uren (April 28, 1846-February 27, 1923)


  1. William John Clark (1872-1892). He died in a minig accident in Montana.
  2. Alfred Clark (1874-1917). He died in Portland, Oregon
  3. Elfrida U. Clarke (1875-1927)
  4. Selina Jane Clarke (1879-1941)
  5. Ada Clark (1879-1965). She didn't marry.
  6. Elizabeth Sarah Clarke (1881-1949).
  7. Ellen Maria Clarke (1884-1952)
  8. Beatrice Mary Clarke (1888-1967)

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