John Clark (the first)

Father: Richard Clarke.

Mother: Mary Moss (c. 1756-December 7, 1826)

Born 1808, at Morwenstow, Cornwall

Died December 21, 1886, at Charlestown.

Spouse: Elizabeth Tregonning (June 9, 1811-February 9, 1881)

Married June 23, 1832, at Holy Trinity church, St. Austell, Cornwall..

When the copper mines closed down at Launceston, Cornwall, England, John and Elizabeth went to live at Holmbush, near St. Austell, Cornwall. The reason was to work in the tin mines at Crinnis, which is quite near Holmbush. Two of their children were named Jane; the first Jane probably died, and the name was used again on a younger child.


  1. Richard Henry Clark (b. September 1, 1833, at St. Austell, Cornwall; d. 1913 at Timaru, New Zealand).
  2. Jane Clark (b. May 3, 1835, at St. Austell, Cornwall).
  3. John Clark (b. September 17, 1837, at St. Austell, Cornwall; d. September 29, 1904, at St. Austell, Cornwall).
  4. Maryann Clark (b. January 6, 1839, at St. Austell, Cornwall).
  5. Melinda Clark (b. April 5, 1840, at St. Austell, Cornwall).
  6. Elizabeth Jane Clark (b. August 2, 1840, at St. Austell, Cornwall).
  7. William Richard Clark (b. August 22, 1841, at St. Austell, Cornwall; d. August 1, 1911, at Timaru, New Zealand).
  8. Selina Clark (b. January 1, 1843, at St. Austell, Cornwall).
  9. Thomas Clark (b. September 1, 1844, at St. Austell, Cornwall; d. 1885, at St. Austell, Cornwall).
  10. Maria Clark (b. December 25, 1845, at St. Austell, Cornwall; d. 1926).
  11. Joseph Clarke (1847-1894).

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