John Clark (the second)

Father: John Clark

Mother: Elizabeth Tregoning (June 9, 1811-)

Born September 17, 1837, at St. Austell, Cornwall, England.

Died September 29, 1904, at St. Austell, Cornwall, England.

In 1869, John, his wife, and their two children, moved from Holmbush to Carn Grey, about three miles away, on a hill overlooking the sea (the English Channel). There they built a house and made a small farm on six acres of land.

Spouse: Philippa Knight Eddy (June 1, 1828-May 25, 1989)

We understand Philippa had as many as 23 pregnancies; some babies were born prematurely, and others died in infancy. Only two lived to adulthood.


  1. F Selina Clarke (October 18, 1860-January 22, 1945)
  2. M John Clarke (April 21, 1863-April 15, 1939)

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