The Galjanic Family

In the eighteenth century, on the island of Otok Krk, off the coast of Croatia were the towns of Stara Baska and Omisaljal. This story starts in the town of Omisalj, with the births of Osip Devic Galjanic and Marija Sindicierna.

This story has been assembled by Judy Fox Eddy, one of the descendants of this couple. It is presented here because we find it interesting, and it connects with the Skavdahl family.


This provides an index of the descendants of Ivite and Ante, linked to their pages elsewhere in the web site.

Boitano, Joe

Cizmich, Marilyne Joyce

Davis, Agnes Claire
Davis, Catrina
Davis, Jennie
Davis, John
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Melvin
Davis, Mervyn
Davis, Helen
Davis, Marian
Devic-Galjanich, Osip Giage

Fox, Charles, Jr.
Fox, Joan

Galjanic, Luzarija
Galjanic, Osip Devic
Gianotti, Paolo

Rollet, Charles, Jr.
Rollet, Judith Lucille
Rostad, Karen Marlene
Rostad, Krystine Michelle
Rostad, Michael Phillip

Sindicich, Mary

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