John Adamson

Father (unknown)

Mother (unknown)

Born prior to 1690 in England (or perhaps Haddonfield, New Jersey).

Died after January, 1753, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

The first record of John is in the records of the Newton Monthly Meeting of Friends. Newton Meeting was located in West Collingswood, Gloucester County, (now Camden County) New Jersey. John was a member of the Richland Monthly Meeting as early as 1692. He and Ann Skuce declared intention of marriage at the meeting in February 1715/16. The Newton Meeting became the Haddonfield Meeting in 1721, moving to a new Meeting house two or three miles away. On May 31, 1726, John, Ann and four children took a certificate from the Haddonfield Meeting to the Gwynedd Meeting at Springfield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania.. He married Ann Skew (or Skuce) March 17, 1716, in New Jersey. The family moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania, sometime after 1717, where his father purchased a farm. Ann died in childbirth on March 25, 1733 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

John is listed in the Adamson genealogical web site.


  1. Thomas Adamson, b. December 23, 1717, in Gloucester County, New Jersey; d. February, 1790 in Cumberland Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania; buried in Adamson Grove Farm, Cumberland Township, Greene Co., Pennsylvania
  2. Simon Adamson, b. March 25, 1733, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. May 12, 1812.

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