Thomas Adamson

Father: John Adamson (1690-1753)

Mother: Ann Skuce (-1733)

Born December 23, 1717, in Gloucester County, New Jersey

Died February, 1790 in Cumberland Township, Greene County, Pennsylvania; buried in Adamson Grove Farm, Cumberland Township, Greene Co., Pennsylvania.

Thomas moved with his family to the Haddonfield Monthly Meeting Quaker Church area, and from there across the Delaware River into Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where they joined the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting near Quakertown. After the death of his mother in 1733, the family moved north to be near the Richland Manor Monthly Meeting, near the county line. Just before his father died, the father signed over to Thomas the lands in Bucks County. Thomas added another 100 acres October 17 1751. In 1743, Thomas petitioned to have the town of Springfield, Bucks Co. Pa. to be incorporated.

Spouse: Mary Ann Burson

Married ca.1738, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Ca. 1784, the family moved to Washington County, in southwestern Pennsylvania, and he received a patent for 250 acres of land near Carmichaels County (now Greene County), Pennsylvania.

Thomas is listed in the Adamson genealogical web site.


  1. Joseph Adamson, b. January 17, 1745, at Springfield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. about 1818 in Mason Co., Kentucky.
  2. Esther Adamson, b. April 2, 1751, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  3. John Adamson, b. 1753; d. 1809
  4. Debora Adamson, b. December 8, 1755, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. April 13, 1836, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
  5. James Adamson, b. January 4, 1757, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. May 13, 1857.
  6. Thomas Adamson, Jr., b. May 15, 1758, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania; d. July 27, 1816.
  7. Martha Adamson, b. November 2, 1760; d. April 15, 1836, in Brown County, Ohio.

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