Mary Ann Butchie

Father: Johannes Buetschie

Mother: Marie M. Stegman (-1808)

Born December 26, 1797, in Chi Renan, Bern, Switzerland.

Died March 6, 1876, in Vernon, Jennings County, Indiana.

Mary Ann came to the United States with the family when she was nineteen years old. The family was pledged to a doctor in Alabama to pay their passage. The older ones worked three years, and the younger ones until they were of age.

Spouse: Bartholomew Renie (1800-1874)

Married 1816, in Mobile, Alabama.


  1. Edward Renie (1826-1919)--married Bridget Langan
  2. Joseph Renie (1829-1898)
  3. John R. Renie (1828-1887)
  4. Charles Renie (1831-1868)--married Mary Frederick
  5. Mary Josephine Renie (1836-1915)--married Michael Gooding
  6. Augustus Renie (1838-1917)


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