Joseph Renie

Father: Bartholomew Renie (1800-1874)

Mother: Mary Ann Butchee (1797-1876)

Born April 25, 1829, in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

Died 1898.

Joseph learned the blacksmith trade. He moved to Mexico, Missouri, in 1856, to work for the North Missouri Railroad. He moved a few other places, and then to Audrain County, Indiana, in 1870. He became a farmer, raising cattle, mules, horses, and hogs.

Spouse: Lydia Griffith

Married April 17, 1854, in Jennings County, Indiana.


  1. Augustus A. Renie
  2. Albert A. Renie
  3. Josephine E. Renie--married Lew Payne
  4. Edward H. Renie
  5. William R. Renie
  6. John S. Renie
  7. Charles Renie--married Mary Frederick

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