Osip Devic Galjanic

Marija holding the twins of her daughter, Marijan.

Parents: unknown

Born ca. 1867.

Osip lived in Omisalj, on the island of Otok Krk, off the coast of Croatia.

Spouse: Marija Sindicicrna


  1. Jveta Galjanic (1880-1966)
  2. Osip Giage Devic-Galjanic (1885-1950)
  3. Marijan Galjanic (1890-)
  4. Pere Galjanic
  5. Frane Galjanic (ca. 1886-)
  6. Luzarija Galjanic (1896-1971)
  7. Ante Galjanic (1894-1971)
  8. Marijan Galjanic

Five of the eight sons and daughters emigrated to North America.

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