Osip Giage Devic-Galjanic

Father: Osip Devic Galjanic (1867-)

Mother: Marija Sindicicrna

Born 9 August 1885.

Died 22 July 1950, of throat cancer.

Osip arrived at Ellis Island, New York, on April 22, 1905, with his father (Osip Devic Galjanic) and one of his cousins (George Galjanic). They proceeded to San Francisco, California, where he resided for several years. At some point, his name was changed to John G. Davis, and later to Joseph Davis. He worked as a cook, as a carpenter, and a janitor at different times.

Spouse: Luce Turato (29 June 1891-6 December 1947)

Married in 1910.

We show Davis as the family name of the children, because that is what they were known as most of their lives.


  1. Marian Frances Davis (1911-1998)
  2. Jennie Davis (1912-1996)
  3. Helen Davis (1914-1996)
  4. John Davis (1915-1997)
  5. Agnes Claire Davis (1917-1985)
  6. Catrina (Kathryn) Davis (1919-2013)
  7. Joseph Davis (1922-2002)
  8. Mervin Davis (1928-) (twin)
  9. Melvin Davis (1928-1956) (twin)

Between the birth of Helen in 1914 and John in 1915, the family moved to Richmond, California.

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