Thomas Hansford

Thomas and Lydia

Father: Richard Henry Hansford (December 23, 1866-March 18, 1955).

Mother: Elizabeth.

Born August 13, 1914.
Died November 14, 1997, of a heart attack.

Spouse: Lydia Jane Goldsborough

Married August 10, 1935.

Tommy left full-time school at the age of 11. He worked a half-day in school and a half-day at the woolen mill in Buckfastleigh. His mother always sent one shoe to be repaired at a time; she couldn't afford to send a pair. His wage for one week was six pence.

Tommy and Lydia lived in Newton Abbot.


  1. M Richard Henry Hansford (November 23, 1936-)
  2. F Marion Hansford (February 28, 1944-)
  3. M Alan Hansford (December 13, 1948).
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