Jessie Francis Hansford

Jessie and her second husband, Percy

Father: Frank CharlesHansford (1872-1912)

Mother: Amelia Jane Jarvis (1872-1933)

Born September 16, 1906, at Hungerford Township, Histings County, Ontario.

Died May 21, 1993, at Derby, Vermont.

Jessie grew up in Sulphide, Ontario, and graduated from Tweed High School in 1922. She later attended school in Montreal

Spouse George Hallam Slater (b. 1905; d. May 31, 1951, of hypertension)

Married October 17, 1929.

George was with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. That office was later moved to Newport, Vermont. Later job transfers were made to Fort Fairfield, Maine, and to Derby Line, Vermont, where George died at the age of 46. Both Jessie and George were very active in social, civic, church, and Masonic affairs.

Spouse2: Percy Fred Jordan (d. September 1, 1968) of Poughkeepsie, New York

Married January 18, 1964. Percy was her daughter's father in law. They resided there until his death. Jessie later resided in a nursing home in Derby, Vermont.

  1. Joan Beverly Slater (1931-2010)
  2. Bruce Hansford Slater (1934-2013)

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