Joseph Hargitt Lynas

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Father: William Lynas (1734-1793)

Mother: (unknown)

Born May 20, 1792, at Upleatham, Yorkshire.

Died July 6, 1874, at Bright, Dearborn County, Indiana.

Joseph grew up in Upleathem, learning cabinet making. In 1819, he and a group of his friends came to New York, to Pittsburgh, via Ohio River flatboat to Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and later to Tanner's Creek Settlement.

Spouse: Sarah White (-1832)

Married in Dearborn County, Indiana, August 7, 1826.

Joseph and Sarah lived at Mount Pleasant.


  1. Hannah Lyness, b. in Mount Pleasant, Indiana, d.1916.
  2. Mary Fisher Lyness, b. July 13, 1829, in Mount Pleasant, Indiana; d. October 20, 1870 at Bright, Indiana.
  3. Sarah Lyness, b. at Mount Pleasant, Indiana; d. May 25, 1873.

After Sarah's death, the daughters lived with George Lynas (nephew of Joseph) until Joseph married again.

Spouse2: Nancy Morgan (April 18, 1801-August 23, 1877)

Married at Bright, Indiana, on October 1, 1835

Nancy was the daughter of Enoch Morgan; she was buried in the Gibson Cemetery at Bright, Indiana.


  1. Enoch Morgan Lyness (1836-1903).
  2. Margaret Lyness, b. at Bright, Indiana; d. at Harrison, Ohio.
  3. Joseph Hargitt Lyness, Jr. (1910-).
  4. Nancy Jane Lyness, b. December 8, 1842, in Bright, Indiana; d. November 16, 1913 in Oklahoma; buried in Walnut, Kansas, Cemetery.

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