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Enoch Morgan Lyness

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Father: Joseph Hargitt Lynas (1792-1874)

Mother: Nancy Morgan (1815-)

Born November 20, 1836, at Bright, Dearborn County Indiana.
Died May 28, 1903, at Walnut, Crawford County,Kasnas.

Spouse: Malinda Elizabeth Kuhn (1834-1901)

Married November 23, 1858, at Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana.

The marriage license records the surname as Lynass; the county death records show the name as Lyness (Lynas). Malinda's given name is Melinda on the gravestone, and Malinda on the marriage license. In the 1850 census, it was spelled Lyness.

Enoch was studying for the Methodist ministry when he volunteered for the Civil War, in Company H, 83rd Infantry of Indiana, September 4, 1862. He was discharged June 2, 1865, near Washington, D. C. Later, the family moved to western Kansas for a few months in 1878, then to Texas in 1879. (One son, two years old, is reported to have traveled that distance on horseback). After about a year, they moved to Hepler, Kansas. Enoch was an active member of the A.F. & F.M. Society, and the family belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church. A biographical sketch in 1883 relates: "His farm contains 160 acres of improved land, well fenced and watered and stocked, good buildings, and an orchard of over 400 trees." (Andreas, A. T., History of the State of Kansas, Chicago: 1883, p. 1139.)

The following documents are in the possession of Carol McNary in Kansas City, Missouri:

"Received of Enoch M. Lyness one dollar as fee for recording his application for survey and purchase of subdivision No. 3, the S.W. 1/4 of state school section No. 4 in Block No. 2 by virtue of Scrip No. 5/914 H & G. N. R. R. Co. in Gray County.

                    W. Callaway
                    Surveyor, Jack Land Dist."
"Furthermore, that I knew said Enoch Lyness while in the army, and that during the last year of the War he was afflicted with constipation, then with chronic diarrhea, piles, and rheumatism; and that I have lived near him from 1865 to 1890. (Except from 1872 to 1878) And upon an average I should say that at least one half of this time he was really unable to do a man's work, mostly on account of his lame back and diarrhea, and that he has used electric battery, belts, pads, plasters, etc. without seeming to be benifited by their use."


  1. George Wesley Lyness, b. September 8, 1859, at Logan, Indiana; d. November 18, 1899, at Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas.
  2. John Joseph Lyness, b. November 13, 1861, at Logan, Indiana; d. November 9, 1951, at Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas.
  3. Rosella Jane Lyness, b. March 26, 1866, at Logan Indiana; d. February 20, 1949 at Frederick, Oklahoma; m. March 26, 1885 at Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas to Oliver Perry Weddle (b. July 24, 1852; d. February 20, 1949 at Walters, Oklahoma.
  4. Henry Randolph Lyness, b. August 23, 1868, at Logan, Indiana; d. April 1, 1919 at Pueblo, Colorado; m. November 23, 1890 at Walnut, Crawford County, Kansas to Anna Camblin, b. February 27, 1873; d. July 3, 1937 at Seattle, Washington.
  5. Mary Josephine Lyness, b. March 30, 1871, at Logan, Indiana; d. September 11, 1921 at Eads, Colorado.
  6. Albert Kuhn Lyness, b. December 17, 1873, at Logan, Indiana; d. February 27, 1876 in Logan, Indiana (Bright Cemetery).
  7. Frank Morgan Lyness, b. February 12, 1877 at Logan, Dearborn County, Indiana; d. January 10, 1935, at Spearville, Kansas, of heart disease and complications.
  8. Walter Garfield Lyness, b. March 26, 1880 at Hepler, Neosho County, Kansas; d. May 7, 1906 at Dodge City, Kansas (Walnut Cemetery, Walnut, Kansas).

Enoch married Susan M. (Jones) Fowler, born in Indiana, on January 13, 1903, at Neosho County, Kansas.

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