Bowyer-Lyness Family Events

Bowyer-Lyness Reunions

The most recent reunion was at Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center (shown above) in Branson, Missouri. it was held July 22 to 24, 2022. Approximately 52 people attended.

The planning committee is working hard to prepare for another reunion in 2024. Watch for more details here, and in newsletters.

The planning committee for the next reunion is Jeremy and Janelle Hoffpauir (joint chairpeople), Dolores Bowyer, Jennifer Bowyer, Ray Bowyer, Kathy Carnell, Marilyn Harbaugh, Carol McNary, Rick Melone, and Erika Storms. If you have suggestions for the program, contact any member of the planning committee.

The best way to reach the Hoffpauirs is by e-mail, at

Jennifer and Patrick Bowyer and Scott Harward enjoy a reunion

The skit is a hit!

Additional pictures are on the "Lyness Family" page of Facebook. Click here to see a picture with everyone identified.

Click the following words to see video from the 2011 reunion: Marilyn1, Marilyn2, Twyla, Phyllis, Carol, Marilyn3, Burl, Cathy, vocal group, Kathy, Burl2, Teresa, Wilma2, Jeremy, teenagers, teenagers2, Ashlyn, Carol2, Wilma3, Old McDonald, Old McDonald2, Ken, George/Kay

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Modified July 30, 2022