Hiram Rose

Hiram Prosper Rose



Father: Justice Rose (1723/24-1781)

Mother: Deborah Barlow (1729-1810)

Born 11 November 1766, in Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts.

Died 20 December 1855, in Granville, Licking, Ohio.

Spouse: Sabra Cooley (b. 15 September 1771, in Massachusetts; daughter of Clark Cooley and Sabra Bancroft)

Married 29 April 1790, in Granville, Hampden, Massachusetts.

Sabra was the daughter of Clark Cooley and Sabra Bancroft. She was born 15 September 1770, in Granville, Hampton, Massachusetts, and died 18 August 1854, in Granville, Licking, Ohio. Sabra's father was one of several Cooleys that came to Ohio at the same time as Hiram and Sabra. The minister of the Congregational Church in Granville, MA, was an uncle of Sabra's. He did not make the journey west.

Hiram was a part of the original Licking Land Company which went to Granville, OH from Granville, MA in September 1805, making him one of the first families of Licking Co, OH. Much of the history of that company is recorded in the 1885 book: History of Granville, by Charles Bryant. Many of the land company were from the Congregational Church in Granville, MA, and they stayed active in the church and it was one of the first things organized in the new land.

Hiram's obituary was quoted in Linnell, "Partial History": He was one on the original church members. His wife, who had been with him for 64 years, deceased one year before him, from which he gradually and peacefully declined and paid the dent of nature without the intervention of disease, other than those incident to extreme age. He possessed an inflexible principle, was a devoted Christian and Faithful citizen. He went to the grave mourned by many friends and without an enemy.

Soon after 1800 a group of residents of Granby, CT. organized into a land company and went to OH and established a settlement. Word came back of the fertility of the soil and the ease of cultivation, and some Granville residents sent a search party to OH to check out this new land. They sent Timothy Rose, Levi Butler, and Job Case. Upon returning they were excited because they had located land on the Licking river with an abundance of water, wood and soil. So they organized the "Licking Land Company" and the first group of settlers left in Sept, 1805.

Levi Rose, Jr, nephew of Hiram, was a newlywed, and he and his wife were in the first group that left. The second group was called the Rose party, since Timothy Rose led it and it included several of his children and their families, as well as Lemuel and Hiram and their families. They followed what was known as the "Old National Highway" as far as Zanesville, OH, then branched into wilderness. They named the new town Granville, and the first morning there, which was a Sunday , they held a religious service under a spreading beach tree.

Note: around 1800 the name of the county in which Granville was located was changed from Hampshire to Hampton, Mass.


  1. HIRAM PROSPER ROSE, Jr., b. 27 Jan 1792, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 17 Nov 1884, Orland, Stuben, IN; m. CHLOE HARRIS, 17 Mar 1818, Granville, Licking, OH; b. 30 Apr 1802, Shrewbury, VT; d. 03 Feb 1886, Orland, Stuben, IN.

Notes for HIRAM PROSPER ROSE: Hiram apparently moved with his parents from Granville, Mass to Granville, Ohio about 1800, then served in the War of 1812. After the war he lived in Granville, Ohio for a while, both before and after his marriage, then he moved to Hartford, Ohio in 1865, then to Orland, Indiana around 1880. He told stories of adventures of his early days in Ohio, particularly on in which he was attacked by a bear and would have been killed except he clubbed it to death. His obituary states that " His life was devoted to the institutions of Christianity, never omitting morning and evening prayer in the family public worship, or weekly prayer meetings until prevented by infirmity of age." His application for pension after the War of 1812 indicates that he was 5 feet 10 inches, brown hair and blue eyes.

  1. ELECTA ROSE, b. 27 Mar 1795, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 07 Nov 1872, prob Granville, Licking, OH; m. CLAUDIUS L GRAVES, 07 Nov 1811, Granville, Licking, OH; b. 1792, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 1875, prob Granville, Licking, OH.

Notes for CLAUDIUS L GRAVES: Claudius and Electa had 7 children, but all that is known about them is the names of six of them: Philanthia, Augustus G (who married Emeline Graves, then later Rhoda Lincoln), Livinia, Rufus, Lyman, and Clarissa). ELECTA ROSE and CLAUDIUS GRAVES were married by Rev T Harris.

  1. SABRA ROSE, b. 22 Jun 1797, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 30 Oct 1869, Hartford, OH; m. REVEL GORDON EVERETT, 21 Aug 1817, Granville, Licking, OH; b. 23 May 1794, Hartford County, CT; d. 22 Mar 1880, Hartford, OH.

Notes for REVEL GORDON EVERETT: Revel moved from Hartford County, Conn to Granville, Ohio with his parents around 1800. He was a farmer and a dry goods merchant there until 1820, when he and his wife moved to Hartford, Ohio.

  1. ALCY COOLEY ROSE, b. 20 Sep 1800, Granville, Hampton, MA; d. 13 Sep 1893, Hartford, OH; m. DANIEL INGRAHAM DURFEY, 15 Jul 1819, Granville, Licking, OH; b. 13 Jul 1796, Cornwall, VT; d. Aft. 1839.
  2. CELMA ROSE, b. 02 Jan 1808, Granville, Licking, OH; d. 23 Apr 1815, Granville, Licking, OH.
  3. MILO CLAUD ROSE, b. 10 Jul 1810, Granville, Licking, OH; d. 18 Dec 1894, Hampton, Franklin, IA.

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