Justice Rose

Father: Jonathan Rose (1679-1768)

Mother: Abigail Hale (1689/90-1793)

Born 22 March 1723/24, at Durham, Middlesex County, Connecticut.

Died 25 September 1781, at Granville, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Spouse: Deborah Barlow

Married before 1749

Deborah was the daughter of James Barlow and Mary Harmon. She was born 14 November 1729, in Suffield, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, and died 2 June 1810, in Granville, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

Justice was a deacon in the Congregational Church and he was also a yeoman. He and Deborah moved to Granville, MA around the time of their marriage. They had an estate there, and the family story is that one of his horses was ridden by Paul Revere on his famous ride. It is known that he served as a "Minute Man" along with 5 of his sons: Levi, Gad, Justice II, Timothy, and Lemuel.

He died at the age of 58, and his estate was divided between his widow and theirr older sons. The younger children were placed in the guardianship of the husband of their oldest child, Stephen Spelman.

Stephen's older brother, Aaron, was married to a sister of Justice, Elizabeth. When Elizabeth died, Aaron and Deborah were married, around 1790. (See Spelman history under Stephen and Aaron Spelman).

Justice was buried in the West Cemetery, Granville Centre.

Note: In 1812 the name of the county in which Granville was located was changed from Hampshire to Hampton, Mass.


  1. ELIHU ROSE, b. 20 Mar 1748/49, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 09 Jun 1749, Granville, Hampshire, MA.
  2. LEVI ROSE, b. 05 May 1750, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 27 Dec 1830, Granville, Hampton, MA; m. MARY DEMING, Bef. 1779; b. 04 Nov 1756; d. 14 Aug 1827, Granville, Hampshire, MA.

Notes for LEVI ROSE: Levi Rose served in the Revolutionary War and received a pension for that service. He enlisted May 1775 under Capt. Lebbeus Ball of Granville, MA a part of Timothy Danielson's Reg. MA. Line. He was a farmer, but because of an infirmity, at the time of his pension request in 1823 he was unable to farm. He apparently lived with his son in his later years. He and his wife were close friends of Rev Timothy Cooley, pastor of the Congregational Church in Granville, MA. He and his wife are both buried in the North Cemetery, Granville Centre, MA. Notes for MARY DEMING: Private records of Rev. Timothy Cooley give her date of death as 15 Aug, 1828

  1. DEBORAH ROSE, b. 25 May 1752, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 05 Dec 1822, Granville, Hampton, MA; m. STEPHEN SPELMAN, 28 Jun 1790, Granville, Hampshire, MA; b. 05 Dec 1745, Durham, Middlesex, Connecticut; d. 08 Dec 1800, South Lane, Granville, Hampshire, MA.

Notes for DEBORAH ROSE: Deborah's son, Obel, wrote of his mother, "The great mark she made in the world was the rising of a large family of Christian Democrats and not a sham Democrat among them". Notes for STEPHEN SPELMAN: Stephen Spelman served in the Revolutionary War in various enlistments. At the time of his death, he owned 138 acres and 120 rosd of land, valued in his inventory at $5.00 per acre. He also owned what was called "East Hill Lot", containing about 17 acres of land valued at $15.00 per acre. At the time of the death of his father-in-law, he was appointed guardian of his mother-in-law and the younger brothers and sisters of his wife Deborah. ,See relationships found under Aaron Spelmon, his brother, Their record in the "Spelman Genealogy" records: Stephen Spelman and his wife...were both eminently pious, and their activities in church work were amply supported by the example of their lives at home and abroad. They united with the Congregational Church... then later, from conviction, took letters of dismissal from it to become members of the Baptist church".

  1. TRYPHENA ROSE, b. Apr 1754, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. Bef. Jun 1837, Ontario County, NY; m. JESSE MILLER, 1778; b. 09 Feb 1757, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. Mar 1823, New York.
  2. GAD ROSE, b. 24 Aug 1756, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 24 Sep 1837, Suffield, Hartford, CT; m. (1) ANNORA HALE; d. 29 Oct 1818, Suffield, Hartford, CT; m. (2) CAROLINE HALE, 04 May 1778, Suffield, Hartford, CT; b. 13 Nov 1753, Suffield, Hartford, CT; d. 26 Oct 1818, Suffield, Hartford, CT.

Notes for GAD ROSE: On some records, his name is Joel, so it is believed his name might be Gad Joel or Joel Gad. He was a private, Capt. Lebeus Ball's Co of Minute Men, signing up on 20 Apr 1775. Biographic records of Hartford, CT, read: "He was still a young man when he came to Suffield, CT, where he married Caroline Hale, a member of one of the oldest Suffield families. He settled on the old Hale homestead, made many improvements, and here passed the remainder of his life, engaged in Farming, stock raising, and dairying. In politics he was a Whig, took an active part in the war of the Revolution, and died in the faith of the Congregational Church". Gad was buried in the West Suffield Cemetery

  1. REUBEN ROSE, b. 15 Jul 1758, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 12 Mar 1783, Granville, Hampshire, MA.
  2. JUSTICE ROSE, b. 13 Jul 1760, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 04 Jun 1849, Granville, Hampton, MA; m. (1) ADAH HOWE; m. (2) RUTH DEWEY.

Notes for JUSTICE ROSE: Justice Served in the Revolutionary War as a private under Capt. William Cooley. He served 30 days in a march to reinforce the northern army. He then was discharged, and then drafted in 1781. At that time he was unable to serve, so he hired Azariah Holcomb to go in his place.

  1. TIMOTHY ROSE, b. 01 Jun 1762, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 27 Nov 1813, Granville, Licking, OH; m. LYDIA MUNSON, Granville, Hampshire, MA; b. Abt. 1768, MA; d. 27 Feb 1855, Granville, Licking, OH.

Notes for TIMOTHY ROSE: Timothy Rose served in the Revolutionary War, believed to be under Capitan Bull in 1781. Soon after 1800, a group of residents from Granby, CT. organized a land company, and went into the OH wilderness to establish a settlement. When hearing about it, Timohty was chosen to go with Levi Butler and Job Case to check out the land. They organized the Licking Land Company and left in Sept 1805. For more about the land company, see Hiram Rose notes. From Linnell: Partial History: He was a deacon in the congregational church....in Granville, OH. He was also a tavern keeper before he had been a Granville resident for even a month. Records show that as early as Nov. 1805, the month of arrival, Timothy was selling whiskey at 25 cents a quart in his cabin on the village square. By the year 1809 he had erected the most imposing building in the village- a frame structure two stories high. Here he had tables for boarders and could even accommodate transients...A Mr. Stubbs who came to Granville in 1809 wrote: "In this town there is a tavern kept by Timothy Rose whose strict attention to morality prevents disgusting scenes of riot and intoxication." The Rose tavern was the center of village activity... He was also the first postmaster in Granville, serving between 1806 and 1809. In 1807 he was elected one of the first directors of the Granville library. He was also one of the first judges in Licking County, elected in 1808 and serving until the time of his death.

  1. LEMUEL ROSE, b. 23 May 1764, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 13 Sep 1835, Granville, Licking, OH; m. ACHSA HALE, Abt. 1784, Granville, Hampshire, MA; b. 1762; d. 15 Jun 1850, Granville, Licking, OH.

Notes for LEMUEL ROSE: Lemuel served in the Revolutionary War as Private under Capt Haskel, Col. Shepherd MA. line. From Linnell's "Partial History" she writes of Lemuel: His regard for the Sabbath has been noticed in his refusing on the Sabbath to admit that he even has cattle for sale. On the death of his brother, he was elected Deacon and faithfully served the church in that capacity for 22 years. His duties and benevolence were the result of settled principles... He loved his church, promptly paid his subscriptions while he lived and, by his will, continued 10 years subsequent to his death. His gravity, inflexible integrity, and promptness enabled him to honor his office, blending these traits with kindness and generosity, he was an invaluable blessing to the pastor and the church. Notes for ACHSA HALE: Achsa Hale was the daughter of Joseph and Miriam, Bush, French Hale, and was a first cousin of Nathan Hale, the patriot.

  1. HIRAM ROSE, b. 11 Nov 1766, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 20 Dec 1855, Granville, Licking, OH.
  2. MEHITABLE ROSE, b. 22 Oct 1768, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 17 Dec 1834, Granville, Licking, OH; m. JESSE THRALL, 25 Jan 1791, Granville, Hampshire, MA; b. 07 May 1765, Rutland, Vermont; d. 16 Dec 1843, Circleville, Pickaway, OH. Marriage

Notes for MEHITABLE ROSE and JESSE THRALL: Lived in Rutland, Vermont, where the first 4 children were born, then moved to Castleton, Vermont, where the other three were born. Moved with their family to Granville after the birth of the rest of their living children. They had three children who died in infancy.

  1. RHODA ROSE, b. 24 Aug 1770, Granville, Hampshire, MA; d. 1802, unknown; m. ENOCH GRAVES. Notes for RHODA ROSE: Rhoda died in 1802 after having given birth to 5 children. Her husband and the children moved to Granville, OH several years after her death, perhaps with her brothers in the Rose party who went as a part of the Licking Land Company.

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