Knut Johnson

Father: John Eriksen (1792-)

Mother: Alet Andreasdotter

Born 1822 in Norway

Spouse: Kjerstein Klemmetsdotter (1827-)

We believe Knut was the caretaker for Karen Sofie Johansdatter from the time her parents left Norway until her marriage. The wedding between Knut and Kjerstein combined the two families in the Skavdahl Valley.


  1. F Grethe Knutsdatter (1849-)
  2. M Johan A. Knutsen (1851-)
  3. F Anna Maria Knutsdatter (1857-)
  4. F Karoline Knutsdatter (1858-)
  5. F Karen Knutsdatter (1860-)
  6. M Klaus B. Knutsen (1862-)
  7. M Peter Andreas Knutsen (1865-)
Unfortunately, we have no record of the further descendants of this couple.

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