John Eriksen

Father: Erik Olsen

Mother: Unknown

Spouse: Alet Andreasdotter (1791-1845)

Born ca. 1792 in Bjugn, Sor Trondelag, Norway

Died in Bjugn, Norway

John Eriksen and his wife Alet Andreasdotter lived in Borsa, Sor Trondelag, Norway, prior to 1820. Borsa is on the south side of Trondheimfjord, about 50 kilometers southwest of Trondheim. In about 1820, they moved to the Skavdahl valley, near Brekstad, on the north side of Trondheimfjord. This valley was forest land, and probably they found more opportunity there than in the more settled area of Borsa. They built a two-story frame house about ten feet by twelve feet, which was later extended to sixteen feet by twelve feet. The house was still standing in 1996, but not in use as a residence, when it was visited by several of John's descendents.


  1. M Knut Johnsen (1822-)
  2. M Peder Johnsen (1823-)
  3. M John Johnsen Skavdahl (1828-)
  4. F Regina Johnsdotter (1830-)
  5. M Andreas Johnsen (1832-)
  6. M Iver Johnsen (1833-)
  7. M Johan Johnsen Skavdahl (1837-1896)

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