Norman Floyd Oian

Father: Olaf Oian (1895-1969)

Mother: Signe Alfrida Rostad (1893-1988)

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Died ca. October 2003, in San Juan, Texas.

Spouse: Jennie Nurkala (d. prior to 1998)


  1. M Dennis Oian (1946-)
  2. M Douglas Oian (October 17, 1950)

Norm Oian spent much of his adult life in San Juan, Texas, near the Mexico border. While there, he operated three businesses: a window tinting business, which he sold in 1994, Scientific Water, which started in the late 1970s, and a Gift Shop.

Norm was a paper boy and a grocery store clerk as a child, then moved on to own a millwork company, a wholesale electronics comapany, and a lumber yard.

Next, he traveled the country with his wife for ten years, selling tarps and agricultural chemicals. They lived out of their travel trailer, stopping at likely towns, camping in nice parks, and checking out the local sites. When they arrived in San Juan, they decided that was the place to stop, and lived there the rest of his life.

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