Michael Philip Rostad

Father: Alfred Sverre Rostad (1901-1970)

Mother: Marian Davis (1911-1998)

Born April 20, 1948, in Richmond, California.

Michael moved to the McKenzie River in Vida, Oegon in 1965, then joined the Army in 1966 and went to Viet Nam as a combat engineer. On his return he went into heavy equipment for a few years, then bought a log truck and did logging for a few years. Later he worked on over-the-road trucking. In 1986 he joined Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Presently, he is doing inspection work.

Spouse: Diane


  1. Michelle Rostad (1973-)

Spouse2: Audrey

Spouse3: Phyllis Kathleen Mathiason (1949-)

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