Descendants of Edward I

Edward I, King of England

This section of the web site is different from most of the others. There are five lines of descent from Edward I of interest to this web site. This section lists the names in each line, until one of the descendants appears in another section of the web site. The name is linked to that person, and then the list terminates.

Edward I, King of England
Eleanor Plantagenet, Countess of Bar, 1264-1298 Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, 1282-1316 Edward II, King of England, 1284-1327
Lady Eleanor de Bar, 1284-1340 Eleanor de Bohun, 1304-1363 Margaret de Bohun, 1311-1391 William de Bohun, 1312-1360 Edward III, King of England
Lord Thomas ap Llewelyn, of Deheubarth, 1299-1343 Petronilla Butler Edward de Courtenay, 1335-1372 Elizabeth de Bohun, 1350-1385 John of Gaunt, 1340-1398 (see footnote)
Ellen verch Thomas, 1340-1400 Richard Talbot, 1361-1396 Hugh Courtenay, 1359-1425 Alice FitzAlan, 1378-1415 Joan de Beaufort, 1375-1440
Tudur ap Gruffudd Fychan, Lord of Gwyddelwern, 1365-1405 John Talbot, 1392-1453 Hugh Courtenay, Knight of Boconnoc Joan Beaufort, 1402-1453 Catherine Neville, 1397-1417
Lowri verch Tudur, 1405-1455 John Talbot, 1413-1460 Elizabeth Courtenay, 1447-1510 Sir Henry Stradling, 1423-1477 Joan Strangeways, 1417-1454
Margaret verch Robin ap Gruffudd Goch, 1405- Anne Talbot, 1445-1494 Thomas Trethurffe, 1478-1529 Sir Thomas Stradling, 1454-1480 Cicely Willoughby, 1454-1497
Robert Lloyd ap Gruffudd, of Maes-Mawr, 1460- Elizabeth Vernon, 1475-1563 Margaret Vernon, 1480-1517 Margaret Trethurffe, 1506-1606 Jane Stradling, 1476-1520 John Sutton, 1495-1553
Thomas ap Robert, of Llwyn Dedwydd, 1520-1612 Dorothy Corbet, 1498-1600 Eleanor Bostock, 1500-1562 Peter Courtenay, 1536-1606 Sir Rhys Griffith, 1511-1580 Edward Sutton, 1517-1586
Evan ap Thomas Lloyd, 1555-1640 Ralph Smythe, 1542-1594 Anne Courtenay, 1567-1642 Gwen Griffith, 1534-1591 Dudley Sutton, 1567-1643
Thomas ap Evan Lloyd, Esq, 1575-1630 Walburge Smith, 1574-1643 Thomas Holcomb, 1601-1657 Thomas Jarman, 1568-1648 Ann Sutton, 1589-1629
Elinor Lloyd, 1645-1726 Thomas Potts, 1586-1658 Nathaniel Holcomb, 1648- John Jarman, 1599-1667 Edward Bagley
Thomas David Rees, Sr., 1673-1713 John V. Potts, 1608-1672 Nathaniel Holcomb, 1673- Arthur Jarman (1625-1662) Ann Bagley, 1639-1700
Mary Susannah Rees, 1720-1781 Thomas Potts, 1632-1680 David Holcomb, 1696- John Jarman (1654-1697) Elizabeth Brinton, 1665-1715
Anna Dillon, 1746-1844 Jonas Potts, 1662-1754 Ezra Holcomb, 1733- Margaret Elizabeth Jarman, 1670-1731 Elizabeth Harry, 1694-1758
Charity Howard Haworth, 1781-1861 Mary Rachel Potts, 1702-1752 Hannah Holcomb, 1807-1891 Ann Eachus, 1717-1758
Isaac Bates, 1810-1873 Mary Ann Burson, 1721-1774
Cynthia Ann Bates, 1833-1896

footnote: John of Gaunt was also the father of Cardinal Henry Beaufort, who was the father of Joan Beaufort (born in 1402), so Joan's descendants are also descendants of John of Gaunt

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