Gary Douglas Hansford

Father: Robert Harold Hansford (1926-1987)

Mother: Helen Hazel Carson (April 10, 1928-August 7, 1996)

Born November 26, 1950, at Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Gary graduated from the University of Winnipeg in 1973-B.A. He worked for Sandoz Pharmaceuticals from 1975 until 1996 and then joined Carter-Horner Canada. Gary progressed through sales to sales training, National Sales Manager and then on to Director of Sales with Carter Horner. Carter Horner was then acquired by Church & Dwight- U.S., whom Gary still works for as the Director of Supply Chain and Export Sales.

Spouse: Kathleen Anne Lobb

Married .August 25, 1972

Kathleen has worked as a real estate agent and is now involved with her own interior decorating consulting business.


  1. Garrett Joseph Hansford, born December 10, 1974.
  2. Jordan Robert Hansford, born December 10, 1974.
  3. Angela Joy Hansford, born April 15, 1977.

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