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Matthew Bowyer in 2014

Matthew's family in 2023: back row (l-r) Dolores, Andy; front row (l-r)Matthew, Clare, Luke

Matthew's family in 2022: Luke, Clare, Dolores, Andy, Matthew

Matthew Bowyer is pleased to make available lots of family information. Click below for what you find most interesting.


Adamson (Matthew's three-great-grandmother's family) Ahearn (Matthew's maternal grandmother's family)
Bostwick (Matthew's three-great-grandmother's family) Hannon (Matthew's mother's family)
Bowyer (Matthew's father's family) Leap (Matthew's great-great-grandmother's family)
Butchie (Matthew's four-great-grandmother's family)
Clarke (Matthew's paternal grandmother's family).  
Dahlen (Matthew's three-great-grandmother's family)  
English Royalty
Foster (Matthew's three-great-grandmother's family)  
Hambly (Matthew's great-great-grandmother's family).  
Hansford (Matthew's great-grandmother's family).  
Jane (Matthew's great-grandmother's family)  
Kuhn (Matthew's three-great-grandmother's family)  
Larsen ( Matthew's four-great-grandmother's family)  
Lyness (Matthew's great-great-grandmother's family), including the Lyness family section.  
Morgan (Matthew's four-great-grandmother's family).  
Primeau/Premo/Emily (Matthew's 5-great-grandmother's family).  
Rose--related through King Edward I of England--too many generations to count.  
Skavdahl (Matthew's great-grandmother's family).  
Wickersham (Matthew's great-great-grandmother's family)  

Click here to learn about the Lenker Family, which married into the Skavdahl family.

Click here to learn about the Galjanic Family, which maried into the Skavdahl family.

At the present time, this site is maintained by Matthew's grandfather, Ray Bowyer. If you have suggestions for corrections or improvement send e-mail to Ray..

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