Jonathan Rose

Father: Daniel Rose (1631-1711)

Mother: Elizabeth Goodrich (1645-1711)

Born 30 September 1679, in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut

Died 11 October 1768, in Granville, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Spouse: Abigail Hale

Married 26 February 1706/07, in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut.

Abigail was the daughter of Ebinezer Hale and Mary. She was born 20 March 1689/90 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, and died 17 March 1793, in Granville, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Jonathan was a Hayward in Wethersfield in 1701 and a fence-viewer in 1714.

His parents gave him 1 1/2 acres of land in 1711, on the road to Htfd (assumed Hartford), on a section known as Sandy Land.

He lived in Durham and Killinsworth and owned land in Gulliford.

Around 1733 he left Durham for Enfield, which at that time was Hampshire Co, but became Hampton Co, MA,where land deeds are located,. Later, the state line was moved and Enfield became a part of Connecticut. He ran a grist mill there for a couple years, then sold it in 1735 and moved to Bedford, MA, which later became Granville.

From "History of Durham", "The four primitive towns on Connecticut River, namely Wethersfield, Hartford, Windsor, and Saybrook, the four primitive towns on Long Island Sound, namely Stratford, Milford, New Haven, and Guilford, were all settled by companies of Englishman, thrown out and off from the mother country by its internal convulsion....Durham settled more than 60 years, two generations, after the others in more quiet and less heated times.... under the working of gentler forces. In the primitive towns mentioned, the spirit of dissent was rife, nearly as much so, in some cases as when the settlers left England.... Secessions took place from the Churches and towns for the purpose of forming other churches and towns, where the opinions and measures of the seceders might prevail."

According the the book "A Partial History of the Rose Families of Granville, Ohio", Jonathan, when he was well into his 90's, tried to volunteer to be a Minute Man. I am not sure that this is correct, because I am not sure the "Minute Men" were organized that early, but it does show his level of patriotism to the New Country.

As Jonathan aged, he gradually lost his eyesight, and, at the age of 89, he was sitting by his fire in the evening when he rose and fell into the fire and was unable to remove himself. It is believed his failed eyesight caused him to fall into the fire. He was living in Granville, MA. at that time. His obituary was published in the "New Haven Newspapers"


  1. JONATHAN ROSE, b. 18 Feb 1707/08, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; d. Aft. 1790, prob Granville, Hampshire, MA; m. (1) MARY GILMAN; b. Abt. 1707; d. 1750; m. (2) LYDIA UNKNOWN; d. 10 Mar 1763. 4 Notes for JONATHAN ROSE: Jonathan was known as Jonathan Rose Junr. His first wife, Mary, had two children from a previous marriage when they were marriad. They had 5 children of their own, then she died and he married Lydia, and they had 5 children
  2. DAVID ROSE, b. 13 Sep 1709, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; d. Bet. 1790 - 1793. Notes for DAVID ROSE: It appears that David was the one who started the family migration from the small towns in Northern Connecticut to Bedford, MA, which later became Granville. Settlers had been encouraged to move to Massachusetts and a proportion of land was offered to all who would come and settle. In the "History of Granville", we read: "In some way David Rose, who lived in Durham in the Colony of Connecticut, heard about this promised land. He came to Bedford. Looked the place over. Liked it so well that he picked out his 100 acres, built a cabin, started clearing land, and moved his family there. He also purchased 1500 acres more in 1741. Here is the interesting part. Either David Rose had great powers of persuasion, or else he was looked upon as having good judgement, for as a result of his settling in Bedford, no less than 26 families soon came from Durham to the new township". David was a deacon, a tithingman, and served the town in many ways. In 1790 he left the Congregational Church and started a Baptist Church in his home, which later became the first Baptist Church in Granville.
  3. DOROTHY ROSE, b. 20 Jun 1711, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; d. 1746, Granville, Hampshire, MA; m. DR EBENEZER SEWARD, 22 Nov 1732, Guilford, Connecticut; b. 1703. Notes for DR EBENEZER SEWARD: Dorothy was the third wife of Ebinezer. He had children by all three marriages. The father of Ebinezer was Caleb Seward of Guilford and his father was William Seward. His mother was Lydia Bushnell, who was the daughter of William Bushnell of Saybrook. Ebenezer had a brother, Ephraim, who was two years older than he. Ephraim was the first white child born in Durham.
  4. DAMARIS ROSE, b. 30 Jul 1713, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT; d. 09 Jun 1714, Wethersfield, Hartford, CT.
  5. ABIGAIL ROSE, b. Abt. 1715, Durham, Middlesex, CT; d. 10 Sep 1768; m. BENJAMIN PEASE.
  6. DANIEL ROSE, b. 12 Jan 1716/17, Durham, Middlesex, CT; d. 20 Jun 1790, Granville, Hampshire, MA; m. ACHSAH BALL.
  7. ELISHA ROSE, b. 08 Feb 1718/19, Durham, Middlesex, CT; d. 01 Mar 1718/19, Durham, Middlesex, CT.
  8. JOHN ROSE, b. 18 Feb 1719/20, Durham, Middlesex, CT; d. 1788, Granville, Hampshire, MA; m. (1) RUTH HOLCOMB; m. (2) KEZIAH GOSS.
  9. DAMARIS ROSE, b. Bef. Mar 1721/22, Durham, Middlesex, CT; d. 03 May 1807, Wethersfield, CT; m. OLIVER TREAT.
  10. JUSTICE ROSE, b. 22 Mar 1723/24, Durham, Middlesex, CT; d. 25 Sep 1781, Granville, Hampshire, MA.
  11. ELIZABETH ROSE, b. 20 Feb 1725/26, Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 22 Oct 1786, Granville, Hampshire, MA; m. AARON SPELMAN, 22 Apr 1762, Granville,Hampshire, MA; b. 22 Jan 1732/33; d. 18 Oct 1821, Granville,Hampshire, MA. Notes for AARON SPELMAN: The book, Spelman Genealogy, observes: the marriage of Aaron Spelman caused some odd relationships. His first wife was Elizabeth Rose, sister to Justice Rose. At the death of Elizabeth, he married the widow of Justus, Deborah Barlow. His brother, Stephen, who was several years younger than Aaron, had married Deborah Rose, the daughter of Justus and Deborah. Thus Aaron and his second wife were, by marriage, at one the uncle and aunt, the step-father and mother, and the brother and sister-in-law of Stephen and his wife.
  12. ELISHA ROSE, b. Jun 1728, Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 10 Dec 1814, Granville, Hampton, MA; m. (1) ABIGAIL UNKNOWN, Bef. 1752, Granville,Hampshire, MA; b. Abt. 1730, unk; d. 1775, Granfield,Hampshire, MA; m. (2) SYBIL GRISWOLD, 17 Apr 1777, Wintonbury Parish, CT; b. 17 Apr 1742, Windsor,Hartford, CT; d. 14 Aug 1829, Granville,Hampshire, MA. Notes for ELISHA ROSE: Elishu was a private in the Revolutionary War, under Capt. Cooley Co, Col John Mosley, Hampshire Co. Served 4 days, then served 24 days under Capt. Aaron Coe's Co. Note: in 1812 the name of then county Hampshire was changed to Hampdon. 5 Notes for SYBIL GRISWOLD: Buried in West Cemetery, Granville Centre
  13. SHARON ROSE, b. 19 Feb 1730/31, Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. 04 Apr 1821, Granville, Hampton, MA; m. MERCY FOWLER, 01 Mar 1758, Granville, Hampshire, MA; b. 08 Sep 1737; d. 05 Apr 1821, Granville, Hampton, MA.
  14. CAROLINE ROSE, b. 18 Feb 1733/34, Enfield, Hartford, CT; d. Aft. 1771; m. JOHN SEWARD, 28 Dec 1753, Granville, Hampshire, MA.
  15. MARY ROSE, b. 02 Jan 1736/37, Enfield, Hartford, CT.

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