Timothy Harris Rose



Father: Milo Claud Rose (1810-1894)

Mother: Hannah Holcomb (1807-1891)

Born 11 December 1843, in Granville, Licking, Ohio.

Died 1 January 1929, in Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma.

Spouse: Christina Hannah Haecker

Married 25 December 1867, in Marysville, Medina County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Heinrich Haecker and Anna Drohman. She was born 23 December 1849, in Liverpool, Medina County, Ohio, and died 5 February 1920, in Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma. Christina lived in Ohio until she met and married Timothy Rose. They were members of the Methodist church in Iowa, and became members of the Methodist Episcopal when they moved to Oklahoma. She is buried in the Elmhurst Cemetery in Guymon, Texas, Oklahoma. She must have been a remarkable lady to endure all the changes that she had in her life. She and her husband and 13 children left a lovely 2-story farm home in Iowa and moved to a farm in Greenfield, Missouri, into a nice 2 story farm home. However, apparently the land was so poor that the family realized soon they could not make a living on the land, so they moved to a tiny dugout in Cimarron County, Oklahoma, where she and her husband and middle son Gussie shared the "two- family" dugout (which meant it had a dividing wall in the middle and two doorways out, one on each side of the divider) with their oldest son and his wife, Milton and Jennie. They lived this way from 1907 until around 1918, after the land had been "proved up", and then they moved into a "real" house in Guymon. She was buried in Elmhurst Cemetery, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma

When Timothy was only 15, he joined the 76th Ohio Infantry Volunteers and served under Captain J. M. Scott and Col. C. R. Woods. He fought at Shiloh and Vicksburg.

After the war he was married in Medina County, Ohio. It was said they rode to Maysville in a bobsled to be married by a Methodist circuit riding preacher on Christmas night.

Shortly after his marriage, he moved to Hampton, Franklin Co., Iowa. He and Christina lived in Hampton until after the birth of their 13 children, then Timothy took advantage of an offer to Union War Veterans to be given a piece of land to homestead.

Sometime shortly before 1900, they moved to Greenfield, Dade County, Missouri and homesteaded a property there. (According to the 1900 census, they were in Sac Twp.) They lived there for the 7 years, then exchanged it for a homestead which someone had failed to prove up in Cimarron County, Oklahoma.

They lived on that land in a dugout until 1918, when they bought a house in Guymon, Texas County, Olahoma and moved there. Timothy lived there until the time of his death. He and his wife are buried in the Elmhurst Cemetery in Guymon, Oklahoma.He was buried in: Elmhurst Cemetery, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma.


  1. MILTON RUSSELL ROSE, b. 06 Aug 1870, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa; d. 27 Apr 1954, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma; m. JENNIE ALMA PONTOW, Bet. 1900 - 1910, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa; b. 1877, in Illinois; d. 1959, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma.

Notes for MILTON RUSSELL ROSE: Milton and Jenny moved to Guymon, Oklahoma from Hampton, Iowa sometime between 1900 and 1907. Tradition is that they were living on a farm with Jenny's parents before Milton's parents arrived in 1907. He and Jennie lived in one of the dugouts on the land they homesteaded in Cimarron County, but, according to census records, they were living in Guymon in 1910, so, apparently, they moved into the dugout after 1910. They moved back to Guymon around 1918. Milton was one of the first family members to own a car, a 1914 Overland Touring Car. I believe the dog enjoyed riding in it more than Jennie did.

They adopted a child, named Lewis R. Wayne, but he died at the age of 9 months. The child and Milton and Jennie are buried in the Elmhurst Cemetery in Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma.

He is buried in Elmhurst Cemetery, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma

Notes for JENNIE ALMA PONTOW: Marilyn Jenkins said, "I always remembered Jennie as being somewhat of a character. She had a rather small house that was full of her collectibles. As children, we loved to go over and look at all her glass bookcases full of collectable treasures. We were admonished never to touch. The house was full of the bookcases. The items that interested me the most were the petrified wood, and next to it, was the "petrified" chewing gum. My brother remembers the Indian artifacts, such as arrowheads and a grinding stone. Jennie is buried in: Elmhurst Cemetery, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma

  1. HENRY AUGUSTUS ROSE, b. 06 Mar 1873, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa; d. 04 Jun 1910, Willowbar Twp, Cimmaron County, Oklahoma.

Notes for HENRY AUGUSTUS ROSE: Henry Augustus Rose was always known as Gussie. As a child, he received a back injury involving a fall from a horse. He was crippled and could not do hard work. When his father and brothers moved to Cimarron County, Gussie also signed up for a homestead, with his father and brothers doing the farm work, and he lived with his parents in the dugout. He is buried in Elmhurst Cemetery in Guymon, Texas County, Olahoma. The cause of his death was complications from the spinal injury suffered as a child

  1. MARY CHRISTINA ROSE, b. 26 Jan 1875, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa; d. 22 Dec 1921, Willowbar Township, Cimarron County, Oklahoma; m. LAWTON PENDEL PALMER, 21 Oct 1912, Texas County, OK; b. 08 Apr 1868, Clayton Co, IA; d. 06 Jun 1943, Clayton, Union, NM.

Notes for MARY CHRISTINA ROSE: Mary Christina was given her mother's name as a middle name, but she never did like her first name, Mary. Therefore as soon as she was old enough, she insisted on being Mae,or May, not sure which, until many people believed that was her name. She felt that because the mother of Jesus was named Mary that no one else should have that name. She was the oldest daughter in the family. When the family moved to homestead in Cimarron County in 1907, several of the girls stayed in Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma and worked, as the dugout was too small for 10 girls, most of them adults. She was in Guymon in the 1910 census, listed as a "servent", apparently working as a cook in a local hotel. However, she homesteaded a piece of property near the Rose homestead, and there is where she met and married Lawton Palmer, who owned half of a homestead, 80 acres, north of her land. They farmed some and ran a little general store for several years. After Mae died in childbirth, Lawton stayed a short time on the farm with his son, then moved, first to Keyes, then to New Mexico. His two daughters were raised by two of Mae's younger sisters. Mae was buried in the Willowbar cemetery near Keyes, Oklahoma, along with her child, who only lived a few days. They were buried in the same plot. Later Lawton was buried beside her.

Mae's daughter, Justine, remembers that her mother wrote poetry, and at one time her poems were kept by Aunt Freda, to be given to the girls. But no one knows where they are now. Both her daughters inherited this abilty, as Justine wrote poetry and was an artist, and Christina wrote poetry. She was buried in: Willowbar Cemetery, Keyes, Cimarron County, Oklahoma The cause of her death was complications of childbirth.

Notes for LAWTON PENDEL PALMER: We wonder if Pendel was his mother's maiden name. Lawton remained in Cimarron county with his son for several years after the death of his wife. Later, after his son's marriage, he moved to Clayton, New Mexico. It is believed that he remarried, When he died, his son had him buried beside Mae, in the Willowbar cemetery. The gravestone incorrectly lists his date of death as 1923 instead of 1943. It also does not mention the child buried with them.

  1. ARTHUR THEODORE ROSE, b. 06 Jul 1877, Hampton, Franklin, IA; d. 22 Oct 1961, Elkhart, Morton, KS; m. MARY AGNES HARPER, 24 Feb 1904, Greenfield, Dade, Missiouri; b. 02 Feb 1885, LeRoy, Faribault, MN; d. 29 Apr 1953, Guymon, Texas, Olahoma.
  2. CHARLOTTE DELLE ROSE, b. 21 Aug 1879, Hampton, Franklin, IA; d. 05 Dec 1975, Missoula, Montana; m. HERBURT HULL HUGHES, 03 Jun 1917; b. 22 Oct, Aurora, NE; d. May 1950, Missoula, Montana.

Notes for CHARLOTTE DELLE ROSE: Charlotte was 15 when her family moved from Iowa to Missouri. She decided to stay in Iowa and work. She worked for a while then attended Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio, where she got a teaching certificate. At that time she moved to Southeastern Colorado, where she taught in and around the Walsenburg area for almost 20 years. When she was 39, she and Herbert were married. After their marriage, they moved to Missoula, Montana, where Herbert worked in radio electronics. They never had children of their own, but they adopted Justine, the daughter of Charlotte's sister Mae, who died in childbirth when Justine was 2 1/2.

  1. FREDA JOYCE ROSE, b. 21 May 1881, Hampton, Franklin, IA; d. 27 May 1950, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma.

Notes for FREDA JOYCE ROSE: Freida was the only one of the Rose daughters who never married. When the family moved to Oklahoma, she lived in Guymon and worked. She is listed as living with Carrie and the Bissell family in the 1910 census. When her sister Mae died, she took the oldest Daughter, Christine, to live with her and raised her until the time of her marriage. They spent several years in California before Christine was married. In later years, Freida moved back to Guymon. Freida is buried in the Elmhurst Cemetery in Guymon

  1. CARRIE EMALINE ROSE, b. 08 Feb 1883, Hampton, Franklin, IA; d. 15 May 1978, Guymon, Texas, OK; m. DEWITT PROSSER BISSELL, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma.

Notes for CARRIE EMALINE ROSE: When the family moved to Cimarron County, Carrie lived in Guymon with her sisters and worked rather than live on the farm. In the 1910 census she was listed as caretaker to an invalid lady whose husband worked for the railroad, and was living there with her sister, Freda. When the lady died, Carrie married her husband. D.P.(Dewitt Prosser) was older than Carrie but they were very happy during their years together. After his death, Carrie lived alone for many years, then spent several years living with Maurice and Viola Rose, the son of her brother Arthur. Her last few months of life she spent in a nursing home in Guymon. She is buried with her husband and his first wife in the Elmhurst Cemetery in Guymon. Carrie is remembered as a very kind, loving lady who, since she had no grandchildren of her own, had several "adopted" children and grandchildren, including Christine Palmer, Martha Moore, and, later, Kenneth and Marilyn Rose. She had a lot of exciting wonders around her house that tempted children. For Marilyn, it was the beautiful glass vases and her exotic stone earrings and necklaces. For Kenneth it was the old car, which she hardly ever drove and it was like new 30 years later when it was sold to a LUCKY teenager in Guymon.

  1. KATHERINE GERTRUDE ROSE, b. 10 Jun 1884, Hampton, Franklin, IA; d. 09 Jan 1974, Dalhart, Dallam, TX; m. HARLEY DELVIN GRIMM, 19 Jan 1909, Guymon, Texas, OK; b. 08 May 1872, Des Moines, IO; d. Feb 1959, Dalhart, Dallam, TX 

  2. BERTHA WINNIFRED ROSE, b. 13 Sep 1886, Hampton, Franklin, IA; d. 07 Nov 1978, Greenfield, Dade, MO; m. SAMUEL C. JOHNSON, 23 Jan 1908, Greenfield, Dade, MO; b. 01 Jul 1884, Greenfield, Dade, MO.

Notes for SAMUEL C. JOHNSON: Samuel and Bertha are in the 1910 census, but have not been found in the 1920 or 1930 census

  1. PHILENA ALCIE ROSE, b. 13 Apr 1888, Hampton, Franklin, Iowa; d. 21 Nov 1969, Golden City, Barton, MO; m. JOHN HARVEY DUNCAN, 23 Jan 1909, Greenfield, Dade, MO; b. 18 Feb 1887, Seybert, Dade County, Missouri.

Notes for JOHN HARVEY DUNCAN: John and Lena were married in Dade County, however, they lived for several years in Boone County, Arkansas, where they were found in the 1920 census. By 1930, they were in Center Township, Dade County, Missouri. Apparently they moved to Boone Co. in about 1912 and returned between 1920 and 1926.

  1. CELMA GAIL ROSE, b. 21 Apr 1890, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa; d. 07 Apr 1971, Guymon, Texas, OK; m. CHARLES ROBERTUS MOORE, 29 Dec 1912, Guymon, Texas, OK; b. 03 Apr 1886, Riverland, Clay, TX.

Notes for CELMA GAIL ROSE: Gail, as she was most commonly known, did not move to the farm with her parents in 1907. Instead, she lived in Guymon and is listed there as a "servant" in the 1910 census. Soon after that she married Charles and they moved to Idaho, where they spent the rest of their lives. After the death of Charles, Gail made a trip to Oklahoma to visit her family in Guymon and Cimarron County, and during the trip, suffered a heart attack and died. She was buried April 1971, Blackfoot, Idaho

  1. GLADYS ANNA ROSE, b. 05 Nov 1891, Hampton, Franklin County, Iowa; d. 12 Jan 1968, Guymon, Texas County, Oklahoma; m. JEROME FAIN, 19 Jun 1910, Hidalgo Twp, Cimarron, OK; b. 24 Jun 1883, Lead HIll, AK; d. May 1973, Liberal, Seward, KS.

Notes for GLADYS ANNA ROSE: In the 1910 census, Gladys was the only child living at home with her parents, except for Gussie. It appears that she was married that year, only a few days after the death of Gussie. She and her husband were farmers near Guymon, Oklahoma, until after the death of Gladys.

Notes for JEROME FAIN: Jerome was a teacher in Willowbar Twp. in 1910, probably at the Berg School, which is where he met and married Gladys. They farmed in Texas county until the death of Gladys, then Jerome moved to Liberal, Kansas, where he lived with his daughter until his death.

  1. FLORENCE ROSE, b. 28 Dec 1894, Hampton, Franklin, IA; d. 31 Jan 1895, Hampton, Franklin, IA.

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